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Infamous Brit-Licker; also been known to hand out free puppies

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Has this photo attachment worked? Can you see the politeness in action?

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1916 days ago

Has this photo attachment worked? Can you see the politeness in action?


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nickpayne88 1905 days ago

maxley has a point. its a bit like the evolution of man

maxley 1913 days ago

That's not a queue. It's the vestiges of the English class system. See how the quality deteriorates the further back you go?

milli77 1914 days ago

That is just SOOOOO Wimbledon. I would skip the queue too so dont feel so bad. If there was a fight you could of filmed it for youtube damn

Mr_Taxi_Man 1915 days ago

Joined a bloody queue in this bar in butlins heard that the irish fella in the grey and brown is giving away free beers...

who_ligan1 1915 days ago

Good lord you wouldn't see that here in Australia either...

TheDaveToEndAll 1915 days ago

I wish they would do that in bars and pubs here in the north east

SarahJay55 1915 days ago

that's how we roll, yeah

Nugglymammoo 1915 days ago

Doesn't it make you feeel proud?

glothy 1916 days ago

They're definitly English. They're all wearing various inoffensive shades of grey and blue with some risky browns mixed in for colour.

dePHacto 1916 days ago

there seems to be a very swift Asian lady coming to the front of the cue without The Others noticing though... How fascinating!

Podwangler 1916 days ago

Good point. I'd say they might be French...but no, I can't even jest that that might be likely.

dePHacto 1916 days ago

I'm sorry, they're not bloated enough to be Germans. In these amounts it would be two coachloads minimum if they'd be Germans...

Podwangler 1916 days ago

It's actually a coachload of Germans determined not to be seen as rude by the Brits, and who have spent weeks drilling themselves on orderly queue formation...

_3C_ 1916 days ago

Wouldn't see it in Dublin...

SayJayyx3 1916 days ago

RT It's the only thing us Brits know how to do with any real degree of confidence.

emlowi 1916 days ago

I know a pub where there is always a queue, not supported by a wall or the side of the bar either but going out at a right angle to the bar. Bizarre.

Orbeeque 1916 days ago

Think this is what attracted up to London? Are they all queuing for Pimms?

keeno 1916 days ago

it stops the quiet tutting and the general feeling of "I was at the bar first, mate" Horrah for orderly queues!

krisjones1 1916 days ago

Looks like the woman in the grey t-shirt is about to get a gun out of her bag, but otherwise it all looks mannered and orderly.

jehram 1916 days ago

Aah, its a beautiful sight...will the queue still be there after a couple of jugs of Pimms each, though?