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You know... the Eat It guy.

Yeah.  DOG toys.

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1833 days ago

Yeah. DOG toys.


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ADeshotel 1832 days ago

I'm not sure what they're trying to teach our dogs...

MrsUltraKev9 1832 days ago

[insert Beavis and Butthead chuckle here] "It says, 'nylabone.'"

JojiMyers 1833 days ago

Pee on them and the dogs refuse to chew?

Ludovicaa 1833 days ago

Bad Boy! ;)

GaryCraig_ 1833 days ago

Looks like the gay and lesbian canines are covered! (The one on the right has warts! YECK!)

Ludovicaa 1833 days ago

For when you just gotta give the dog a bone? ;)

reventlow 1833 days ago

Galileo was a freak!

HariJaja_Barbie 1833 days ago

lol me & butterz can share ?!

EarthVsJazz 1833 days ago

DonAtreides 1833 days ago

Thanks , the rest of us didn't get the joke. *sigh*

Ufgood 1833 days ago

I feel kinda bad for the guy who gets to use the one on the right. It's a very small ring..

ArdaXi 1833 days ago

Satisfies natural urge to chew.

xpartofitx 1833 days ago

Haha right? I am guilty though, my pooch has the Galileo bone.

The_Official_BS 1833 days ago

looks more like adult sex toys, than dog toys...Weirdo toy makers