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You know... the Eat It guy.

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Finally decided what I’m wearing to the Grammys.

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982 days ago

Finally decided what I’m wearing to the Grammys.


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JonniDKellogg 773 days ago


Joannasugar 967 days ago

Yeah but you're no less weird in anything else.

JanetAnderson8 974 days ago


Mell__anie 981 days ago

=)))))))))))) just one glance n all girls there will melt=P

lastangelman 981 days ago

You leave Fartman in the brown dust ...

Saries27 982 days ago

I should know better by now than to look at your pix when drinking. You owe me a new monitor, sir!

jrgarner00 982 days ago

Looks like you're caught in a bad bromance. With lavender pants.

jackfbn 982 days ago

Run out of padding for the leggings, Al? Oh, I get it you're sucking in for a leaner leg look... ;^P

no_whereTx 982 days ago

Going for the "Aladdin meets Niki Minaj" look? But, hey, it works!

Katie3294 982 days ago

You'll definitely be on the best dressed list.

rose6156 982 days ago

I've been staring at this pic for 10 mins & I can't think of anything chaste to say; 'nuff said. :D

mistyluvsal 982 days ago


sanvalentino_ 982 days ago

very ungry ehhe
By Tuscany san Valentino

Ludovicaa 982 days ago

where are the prosthetic nipples?

KathyValentino 982 days ago

I just hope you can avoid that awkward moment of wearing the same outfit as lady GaGa.

dactribble 982 days ago

Super Al, faster than a herd of turtles, more powerful than a tricycle @ able to leap 1 ft a ground.

Ludovicaa 982 days ago

HubbaHubba That's a great look on you! :D ;)

dolemite 982 days ago

can't tell if that's a fortunate wrinkle or a MASSIVE UNIT

boxojuice 982 days ago

noo! thats what i was going to wear :( you meanie, stole my whole costume