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The British Torture of Marian Price in Occupied Ireland continues. Our last Cause for Marian had 1,549 members but it is censored. It continues here reborn just add the previous 1,549 noble members to the total who have joined Marian's CAUSE.

An unelected Englishman in Occupied Ireland has overruled the Queen's pardon of Marian Price for activity 40 years ago, ordered by Gerry Adams Belfast OC. The British courts ordered her release but this Brit Tory illegally overrules both.

Marian Price has been politically interned now without trial in British Occupied Ireland for almost 8 months in solitary confinement. After previously been force fed 400 times while on 200 days of hunger strike, Marian now has serious health problems and is in considerable constant pain, as result of her previous treatment. She had previously received a Royal pardon which would mean she should be released immediately, the British now say they have lost it.

The UN special rapporteur on torture recently called for solitary confinement to be banned in all but 'exceptional circumstances' and for it never to last more than 15 days. The British are also ignoring the first Geneva Convention of 1864 in the treatment of Marian, as per her injuries from their previous torture. Despite a court ordering her release, this political internment ordered by an un-elected Englishman in Ireland is administered by provisional collaborators who were both directly involved in the specific activity Marian is tortured for. Both Gerry Adams IRA OC who ordered her to London and Gerry Kelly who brought her there as a 19 year old girl, have the power to free her.

See Link - http://www.causes.com/FreePrice