Urijah Faber


Professional Fighter in the UFC, Big Thangz,

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2562 days ago


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Redneck_Wmn 2560 days ago

The best comments are from our youth because they are nothing but honest in their feelings.

V_Y_K_K_I 2561 days ago

You have to keep that!

kperches 2561 days ago

Thats awesome must make you feel good!

stl_girl80 2562 days ago

So sweet......

mamasita77 2562 days ago

Gotta love the kiddos. They never fail in making me smile.

brwnijules 2562 days ago

You must be beaming inside to know that all these children look up to you. That is the best inspiration there is!!! Much love!

Oshaughn7 2562 days ago

It is cool to know you have fans of all ages..

faberfan8 2562 days ago

The impact you have on so many is AMAZING!! Brings a smile to my face... You're LOVED by SO many!!! Hope you're feeling better!!

blvdbrssknckls 2562 days ago

That's absolutely adorable!

buttrawker 2562 days ago

The best thing I have seen all day, amazing.

mscarter0 2562 days ago

That's awesome.

Jess_sick_kuhhh 2562 days ago


CharityLasVegas 2562 days ago

That is so frickin nice of them!

Courtneyc84 2562 days ago

That is the sweetest thing! :)

EricaMMAfan 2562 days ago

So sweet.

rachealarson 2562 days ago

how cute!!!!!

moyz23 2562 days ago

look at you, home town hero. that's so nice! I like the drawing of you in the top right. cute.

ehilsabeck 2562 days ago

That was my husband and friend that just gave that to you! My students would be trilled to know you finally got it!

Cici_10 2562 days ago

So sweet!

merilclarke 2562 days ago

Awww children always know how to make a heart happy. now you've got to pay a visit to their class and make their little hearts happy. =)