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Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

Nick doing the air-bike in this closet we are working out in.  I know i look like im 14 in this pic

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1795 days ago

Nick doing the air-bike in this closet we are working out in. I know i look like im 14 in this pic


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baganized 1691 days ago

such a nice smile ☠ ☠

xVampire_Gurlx 1790 days ago

Nuttin wrong w lookin 14, it's wen ppl say u look 41 den u can smash there heads in. U ave a gorgeous smile btw

BagansGirlz 1793 days ago

I Love Your Smile It's Soooo Cute!!(:

riki_norton 1793 days ago

ohh lol and Nice t.v. program u guys r watchin' lolz XD

staceymanheimer 1794 days ago

you should put more wight on it

Midnight_Angel0 1794 days ago

Is that a real,honest to God, twinkle in your eye?Hmmm? Very nice...Love to see you smile. :-)

Rock28USA 1794 days ago

So that's your secret for looking young...ger. You've got a childlike smile.

jaycierae 1794 days ago

Aww, your actually smiling for once :) how cute haha :)

BagansGirlz 1794 days ago

You May Look 14 But AMAZINGLY Cute!(:

corndanish 1794 days ago

That's fine with me; I like it when you work out ;)

ritaguyl698 1794 days ago

No, that's COOL that your working out! You look good!

r_ELI_able 1794 days ago

my friend loves you, you probably know her she won a competition and gave you a picture

lilshortymamma4 1794 days ago

omg thats funny

ghostobsession 1794 days ago

your smiling and you look cute :)

Julie_Elwood 1794 days ago

You do look 14. Lol. And you're smiling!! :D

justinhomepage 1794 days ago

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Sweet_Tawny 1794 days ago

YOU DOOOOO! LMAO!!!!! Thats halarious!

Demure_Dulcet 1794 days ago

Awww you're smiling for once! <3 :)

bansheekat 1794 days ago

ha ha!

Michaellyn 1794 days ago

You do look like you're 14 in this pic.