Zak Bagans


Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

Takin a break from filming... Going awesome

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1834 days ago

Takin a break from filming... Going awesome


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kalakutie 1833 days ago

Ahhhhh Zak is so good looking.....

tina4music186 1834 days ago

Love you guys!

heart_music87 1834 days ago

I can't stop looking at this picture!!!!

verntar123 1834 days ago

The light between and looks really soft. It is actually lovely. :)

riki_norton 1834 days ago

Is Aaron on Twitter again...??? HAHAH XD Ohh... luv the "Zak Fin" also :)

Julie_Elwood 1834 days ago

Loving the Zak-Fin. :)

FallOfGrace 1834 days ago

Ok I see you guys looking at the cam and suckin' a lolly but WTH is Aaron doing?

GACSweetheart87 1834 days ago

I knew the shark fin wouldn't stay gone for long ;)

AnnaIsUnique904 1834 days ago

And its a well deserved break too!

Katcetera 1834 days ago

Why does have a lolly? Did he get a shot or something? lol

jchristopher236 1834 days ago

Maybe he's born with it...

jchristopher236 1834 days ago

If #CoverGirl were trying 2 get guys 2 buy their product U would be a great candidate!

GAC_LightHouse 1834 days ago

U guys just need dual massages.....they work wonders :)

nanettekiefer 1834 days ago

Looking good guys. I see Nick is getting his sucker fix.

GACMidniteAngel 1834 days ago

Looking good guys! Love ya!

Kim_Garza 1834 days ago

A break is always nice lol.

Sweet_Tawny 1834 days ago

You guys deserve a to much. :)

corndanish 1834 days ago

You should steal Nick's lollipop Zak XD

Emily1010101 1834 days ago

Aaron just chillin in the back round(:

Sweet_Tawny 1834 days ago

Whats that in Nicks mouth? a Lolly? lol cute! ;-}~