Urijah Faber


Professional Fighter in the UFC, Big Thangz,

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2348 days ago


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DMILLER21 2344 days ago

Urijah, your my hero! If only you hadn't broken your hand you would have beat Mike... I still thought you won, but to continue fighting with a broken hand? incredible... Keep it up and go get your belt.

vivapoo 2345 days ago

Glad to see that your hair is growing back! Cali loves the locks!

faberfan8 2348 days ago

I LOVE the facial hair... but then again, you look HOT anytime!!!! Great to hear you're making progress... Lots of Love from NJ !!!!!

AmyD2111 2348 days ago

ok are you going to let the facial hair grow a little bit or leave it five o'clock shadow?

mbjumper 2348 days ago

your a bad ass. people can say whatever they want about his hand broken and he should have stop and asked for a rematch, but he kept going and still almost won. good luck on your next fight

AmyD2111 2348 days ago

hey it looks good

7Lisa7 2348 days ago

WOW. Real facial hair.

moyz23 2348 days ago

gangsta in the black. you and red i mean. and the fact that I knew who red is before i saw the pic def means I spend too much time following your posts. nice job on passing the 10,000 mark for followers, btw.

kperches 2348 days ago

Poor Guy!! No pain no gain right?!?

sugarpiggy 2348 days ago

Glad to see everything is healing well.... can't wait to see you fight again..

stl_girl80 2348 days ago

Can I come shave you.......not that it looks bad or ne thing, jus wanna come over!!

JMRD 2348 days ago

Hi Red! Lookin' good kid--loving the 'do, the shadow. :)

jd_lacrosse08 2348 days ago

hand is looking good in those x-rays :] hope you heal up soon!!

otaviocruz 2348 days ago

californian Pai Mei!!!

tb83 2348 days ago

He reminds me of Mickey Rourke.