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Hey @PapaJohns just FYI my name isn't "lady chinky eyes"

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928 days ago

Hey just FYI my name isn't "lady chinky eyes"


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twtthubb 732 days ago

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twtt_link 733 days ago

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dbbstubbs 797 days ago

why is the date 1/6/12,,it hasn't been yet ;)

MissJazzyPha 918 days ago


thebtman 920 days ago

No lesson / positive outcome was insulted and employee lost job. Yay 4 humanity

thebtman 920 days ago

1: How stupid Rthey to write that, & 2: Shame they lost their job hope they dont have children 2 feed

napalmnacey 924 days ago

I can't believe the bullshit some people have pulled here. I am so sorry this happened to you!

Rick_Burgess 924 days ago

Oh, you've done it now. You know you've made it when The Colbert Report picks up on the story!

derwin2k 925 days ago

Leave it to a ignorant dumbass to ruin your day..I'm glad they fired him

margievzla 926 days ago

Really in the US that's considered racist??? Wow you are touchy people, give me a break!!!

XooPlay 926 days ago

I'm so glad they fired that employee. Now the only company that will ever hire them will be PizzaKKK, This hut will deliver raciest insults! Racism is alive in america and gets dished out by all nationality's. I believe TOGETHER we are conquering racism.

abracadabruh 926 days ago

Thanks for posting this!!! You are doing the right thing!!!

AbortMcCourt 926 days ago

Why would you eat that shit, in the first place?

SpiritualNurse 926 days ago

Wow, saw the article on Huffington Post. They should have called you Pretty Lady!

Reach4ThePower 926 days ago

I am so proud of you for posting this to make Papa Johns stand up and do the right thing <3

keiteay 926 days ago

obviously just typing in "Asian" takes far too much effort

Luna_Lixx 926 days ago

glad he got fired. no one needs a stupid waste of skin like him.