Deepak Chopra


Twittering to all of you, my dear friends!

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2420 days ago

Twittering to all of you, my dear friends!


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catjungle 2317 days ago

I see you have the KIndle!

kathylking 2321 days ago

Another thing we share. Love of a great laptop. MacBook Pro :)

magic_monkey 2409 days ago

deepak: must keep on with the lie it was vitiligo, NOT bleached skin. keep repeating: 'we are all stardirt, er, 'stardust' phew. w-e n-e-v-e-r d-i-e-d-u-h

magic_monkey 2409 days ago

''we are all stardust'' we live

magic_monkey 2413 days ago

twittering to sell more books! yay! we never die, remember. ohh boy, the dumbing down of america is at code red level.

skyerick 2420 days ago

Awesome! Thank you Deepak! Hugs and peace

broadrangecrm 2420 days ago

Thank You Deepak :-)

CharDeloche 2420 days ago

(((Deepak))) tweeting back ;-)

seekuptbm 2420 days ago

PS I'll let my dad know :)

seekuptbm 2420 days ago

And there you have it. With gratitude, Tamara

no1zizi 2420 days ago

You are remarkable for many reasons, but, also, being as busy as you are, you humbly take the time to do your own twittering. Namaste.

kinseymillhone 2420 days ago

I'm pretty sure God IS a wise man with an Indian accent .. and a laptop. :-)

yasminyasmin 2420 days ago

It's so unbelievable... direct to us... amazing... Thank you Thank you thank you so much for being so humble and so full of pure love... sharing your photos your live your wisdom... I'm so gratefull... we are one. Bless you!!!

alicepopkorn 2420 days ago

great to see you, thanks for your quotes and links :)

energy_medicine 2420 days ago

beautiful. which castaneda book?

Ani_Flowerchild 2420 days ago

I love your twitts... thank you! :)

shriza 2420 days ago

Thank You!!:) This is too cool seeing you in action :):):)

marijastrajh 2420 days ago

Thank you very much!

angels510 2420 days ago

And this pic just endears you more to me, in addition to your wisdom. Your working area is just like mine, full of little signs of real life, and not a big mahogany sterile-looking desk more suited for photo ops. You are so REAL and that's why I *listen*

lornasingh 2420 days ago

Thank you.I always look forward to reading your thoughts on whats going.