Journalist and Human rights activist in Amnesty International....... Madyar Samienejad

NEDA sleep here #Neda

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2800 days ago

NEDA sleep here #Neda


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Maliheh_ 2735 days ago

NEDA sleep here #Neda #iranelection

psalms83 2795 days ago

you raised your voice for freedom that was heard around the amount of white washing by the iranian government will deminish it.

cuchulain62 2798 days ago

Every man of good will is supporting you. Persevere and Allah will help you.

YpatiaForEver 2799 days ago

Crime against humanity. JUSTICE. Remember the Nuremberg trials, remember Augusto Pinochet, remember Saddam Hussein.
Rest in peace dear Neda, we will not forget.

yuriorozco 2799 days ago

the news is lal over here in NY. I pray that God makes justice for this beautiful girl, her family and alll the women fighting for rights!!! R.I.P Neda!

laffaloud 2799 days ago

Neda your picture has been seen around the world, rest in peace beautiful lady.

troy_benson 2799 days ago

Neda. You have gotten to me. Some how I feel like I've known you for years. My girls are young, but I'll teach them your name. I can't imagine, so I won't try, but Mr. Soltan, I'm thinking about you.

Stratocumulus 2799 days ago

Neda, shirzan, rest in peace.

saadoon 2799 days ago

Dear NADA,
Allah yer7mk...

Bahar62 2799 days ago

Rest in Peace dear Neda, your voice wil nver die.

irene408 2799 days ago


isabellacane 2799 days ago

Rest in Peace Neda and may your sacrifice and innocense bring Peace & Hope & Reform and Democracy to all The Iranian People

aveniraveugle 2799 days ago

We will certainly remember you, Neda. Rest in peace.

ryanshepherd 2799 days ago

Rest In Peace Neda, the whole world is watching. Much

Vahid_Firoozyar 2800 days ago

Neda is one of our brave warriors and one day we will say that it was she and her honorable fellowship, that made Iran what it always should and could be. Thank you very much! We are all in your debt!
Vahid from Hamburg/Germany

cahuin 2800 days ago

NEDA'S sacrifice will not be in vain. She already is a martyr and will be remember as someone who gave her life for freedom.

huaper 2800 days ago

RIP Neda

RightBloggerPat 2800 days ago

تن هم اکنون با پیامبران قدیمی از خواب و زندگی در میان فرشتگان. ممکن است که بقیه ابدی که او را برای او دنبال پیدا کنید. ممکن است قاتل خود را که توسط خالق متعال از گناهان او را ارزیابی می شود ، و ممکن است او را در دوزخ سوختن برای بی حس گرفتن از یک زندگی ، ک

RightBloggerPat 2800 days ago

Nada now sleeps with the prophets of old and is living among the angels. May she find the eternal rest that she was seeking for. May her killer be judged by the almighty creator for his sins, and may he burn in hell for the senseless taking of a life, tha

g4p66 2800 days ago

so sad but God will use to Glorify Him