Black Wall Street was the most prosperous #Black community in #America during the 1920’s located in Tulsa, #Oklahoma. June 1, 1921, #KKK bombed Black Wall Street, killing over 3000 people and destroyed over 600 businesses. 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores, a hospital, bank, post office, and most schools were destroyed. The dead were buried in unmarked graves. It wasn’t till 1997 that Oklahoma decided to pass the “1921 Race Riot Reconciliation Act” which provided decedents of that area a free college education. It was known as “Little Africa” or “Black Beverly Hills”, a prime example of #racial #nationalism. To put into perspective of how money flowed in Black Wall Street, a #dollar took 365 DAYS to leave the community, now a dollar leaves an African American Community every 15 MINUTES.