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Red carpet for my bday with @tikighosn & michael bisping

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2653 days ago

Red carpet for my bday with & michael bisping


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alex1993ovplee 2363 days ago

Is it me are you the most intimidating man... EVER!!

SarahKawaii 2650 days ago

Hey Rampage. Michael Bisping is the nuts!! :D Also, I watched Never Surrender the other night and thought it was awesome that you were on the cover when you were only in it for 2 minutes XD Youre such a legend! xx

clelox 2650 days ago

kick evens ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't wait for UF 10

prinSASSrampage 2652 days ago

Rampage you're awesome! I named my cat after you, after you knocked out Chuck. She can fight too.. hold up your fists and she attacks. Seriously! Can't wait to see ya knock out Rashad!!! I lost interest in TUF but I'll be watching this season!!!

_Rolando_ 2653 days ago

Bisping will beat Hendo and Rampage will beat Rashad DOT

Craigbadmofo 2653 days ago

2 pimps & 1 British fuck'n fag! Tiki you a pimp! Rampage you a stone cold pimp! Bisping you a bitch! T*U rocks, bisping sucks cocks!!

misspris79 2653 days ago

tiki looks like he's half asleep pr already drunk

daveufcfan 2653 days ago

you better not let bisping have too much fun, hes got a huge fight in 3 weeks

lol_womenrights 2653 days ago

Do you have any other friends?

thelilbeastmma 2653 days ago

I idolize u my friend I wish I could be that big one day as a fighter im watchin u knock out liddel right now a great way to start my birthday lol

VanWagenenn 2653 days ago

Twitter won't let me delete my corrects so this 3rd post may be a little much but.... 'is K-1" = in k-1. 'I was I had I your fighter spirit' = I wish I had your fighter's spirit... Keep the Rampage alive.

VanWagenenn 2653 days ago

... power bomb ko is K-1, and she had nothing to say.... I was I had I your fighter spirit, but I only just love martial arts. Keep the Rampage alive.

VanWagenenn 2653 days ago

Great stuff. I was watching UFC Knock Outs 6 I believe it was and it was you pouncing on some fighter after a right cross I believe it was and I was 'mom, how would you feel it I did that for a living?" And she went on the mama rant, and I explained your

LV_EV 2653 days ago


dennisisawesome 2653 days ago

Doin It Big! We Takin Ova!

zaxxx 2653 days ago

I bet u could beat both of them up at the same time.