The Dark Lord


Running around leaving scars, collecting my jar of hearts and tearing love apart...

Ugh, Muggles. They just don't understand.

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1306 days ago

Ugh, Muggles. They just don't understand.


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MR_Zytow 1262 days ago

A+ lol

ChrisHufflepuff 1285 days ago

stupid muggles.. but wow!! Who put that in that exam is my idol!!

ShivaaSaemeow 1293 days ago

Someone Avada Kedavra that red cross. -_-

RuthBetancurthL 1302 days ago

muggles u.u

I_am_KIRA 1302 days ago

epic fail

shummeh 1302 days ago

muggles. tsktsk

jedwardinspain 1303 days ago

Oh, stupid muggles -.-

Jonas_PotterFan 1304 days ago

muggles!! hate them!!

melizzie 1305 days ago

Muggles! They'll never understand!

JessMCReckless 1305 days ago

Stupid Muggles

GrapeConrad 1305 days ago

Isn't it frustrating being dead and knowing you can't do anything but tweet about it!

Azertia 1305 days ago


justinhomepage 1305 days ago

i bing...

ajeffrey7 1306 days ago

If I remember correctly from Geometry, it's the perpendicular bisector of the triangle!

JennyRhyan 1306 days ago

*Rolls eyes* -sighs-

_ni 1306 days ago

-_- muggles...

SophieNaomiB 1306 days ago

That is so genious <3

AlissaBeautiful 1306 days ago

stinking muggles

cloofilho 1306 days ago


urdmagic 1306 days ago

Hogwarts FTW