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The hardest part is letting go.

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977 days ago

The hardest part is letting go.


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NowInHD_ 973 days ago

Move on Dahvie, LET GOOOO :D

TimStewart5 974 days ago

Dahvie, In heaven your music can be translated into kitty so he can listen to your beautiful music.

alicemajor 975 days ago

ik how u feel dont cry :(

candyland_69 975 days ago

when i c u cry.i cry </3 be strong dahvie everything will be ok things will get better. promise. <3. be strong like you tell us to be. theres always hope :) <3 <3

violent_monster 975 days ago

Poor Dahvie, don't cry ):, he's in a better place, the heaven </3 ♥

BewitchedKid 975 days ago

Awh Dahvie we all know it we've been there she wasn't worth it if she did this to you :/

KitCatVanity 975 days ago

Don't cry Dahvie.I know it hurts.But you gotta be strong. Just like you tell us to. Be strong.

Becca_Boo9815 976 days ago

U tell us to be stronger now u gotta do it too!!! U told me i could do better and so can u!!!

MissMalik4life 976 days ago

<3 noo it beaks my heart to see this cheer up butter cup

JoJoVanity 976 days ago

Omg You were crying. *Kiss,Kiss,Kiss*

Ashkjadfas 977 days ago

Don't cry Dahvie Don't cry, u must to be stronger u__u

vanitytaylor 977 days ago

seeing u cry makes me wanna die

vanitytaylor 977 days ago

im really sorry about your cat i know how u feel :( im crying now

CrazyBOTDFfaN 977 days ago

OMG nw i cnt stop cryin i no hw u feel mi mom is dying rite nw frm cancer nd im nt sure if shes alive

gagebotdf 977 days ago

Aww Dahvie :( I hope Your kitty gets better!! #SGTC :)

Theemokidd17 977 days ago

:/ Sorry about your cat Dahvie. Hope he or she gets better, and that you feel better. :X ex oh.

LittlePhyscoBVB 977 days ago

Oh hun it's okay to cry your not a robot you should let your emotions out, my best wishes go out to your kitty just remember she'll always be with you in your memorys amd heart x

neonlightning17 977 days ago

seeing you crying makes me wanna cry but she'll always be with you in your heart please dont cry

Amanda_BHeart 977 days ago

there there Dahvie i feel your pain but please don't cry :( it is very heartbraking but you've got to be strong

Kristyn_SGTC 977 days ago

It'll Be Ok. Don't Cry Darling.... :(