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Soundcheck Fete de la Musique. Aint it quaint.

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1763 days ago

Soundcheck Fete de la Musique. Aint it quaint.


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0O0Reem 1397 days ago

:P wearing a shoe .. ! u never wear a shoe on stage :P

robertjamesgall 1725 days ago

is that stevie wonder? lol

minipouce24 1725 days ago

I saw you on TV that night. You guys were awesome, as usual.

yoimchristine 1736 days ago

jason honey,your sitting next to my dad

yumiruru 1736 days ago

love the hat.,.

Paulaae 1742 days ago

awn come to brazil please :(

MeganeAd 1754 days ago

I saw you here. you were incredible.
Thanks :)

sunnymaliaFP 1755 days ago

Heya! i saw you there! wohoo and you were great, couldn't decide if i prefered lucky or i'm yours..although i must say i'm yours truly rocked, most people were siging along which is a big deal considering the song was in english! when are you coming back

T_writter 1758 days ago

I love your Hat!

225tintin 1760 days ago

i love France's fete de la musique even though i am not a french......
hope i could be French next life~~
Happy Birthday Jason
from Taiwan


dottiemarodot 1760 days ago

love u Mr.Tocaaaaa...i wonder if he had twitter??

Emmy_Louise_H 1761 days ago

I love your music, have a great birthday!

jynxychan 1761 days ago

aww, jason is the bestest!!

Lbton 1761 days ago

wearing converse, awesome.

michaelriverab 1761 days ago

great really great show

Liilyxoxo 1762 days ago

Great show ^^

Liilyxoxo 1762 days ago

It was soooooo good! Really loved the song ^^

LINsiri 1762 days ago

Luv uuuuuu guys!!!!!

Roda__P 1762 days ago

I love these guys heheheh
the best... maybe Toca?
absolutely my best Jason :)