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Documentary filmmaker, paranormal sensitive/empath/investigator, Host/EP for Travel Channel's #1 rated Series Ghost Adventures Season 9 Premiere's Feb

Gettin my new tatt by the one and only  @DinaRoseTattoo at my house and my boy  @trumanagement11 she is amazing

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1701 days ago

Gettin my new tatt by the one and only at my house and my boy she is amazing


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HotJana28 1682 days ago

This is by far your best pic. Hands Down ;) lol

HisSexyVampire 1695 days ago

totally can't wait to see it! what is the tatt?

BamsDevil 1697 days ago

Im gonna have to save this to my iPod Where are the rest of the tattoos? back arm finger where else?

tattoogoddess 1698 days ago

No offense but EW! Why are her cords and soap bottles not bagged? Hep anyone? She should know better!

xVampire_Gurlx 1699 days ago

Is it me or is Zak looking very HOT in this pic??? Well all I can say is #FookMe

baganized 1699 days ago

................. #Speechless

ONE_D_FOREVER 1700 days ago

That's 8 now...right??

MStephens4 1700 days ago

I can't tell if you sitting or leaning awkwardly, Looks like that may be more painful than the Tatt.

Akselka 1700 days ago

A new tattoo... so how many tattoos in your plans Zak? Besides... This is really nice pic. Greets

OlegSumoroko 1700 days ago


Shdwpaint_LisaM 1700 days ago

Wow... Umm....... I was doing.... something.... I'll be getting some Dracula themed ink myself soon.

Demure_Dulcet 1701 days ago

mmm mmm can't help but stare at this for a few moments ;)

NooneLamron 1701 days ago

you're gettin a tattoo on your arm so you have to take your shirt off....hmm?? no complaints here.

ohhyuh 1701 days ago

woah. O_O

BagansGirlz 1701 days ago

I Love Your House!(:

solely4me 1701 days ago

All of your fans would love to see your end result. Could you show us?

EmChance 1701 days ago

Cant see the tat...but what I do see it looking pretty damn good! ;)

ghostobsession 1701 days ago

dont see tattoo, just zak with no shirt on.. ;p

chelsiweise 1701 days ago


GoAheadLily 1701 days ago

what tattoo? alls I can see is a Zak Bagans with no shirt on. sorry XD