Craig Ferguson


TV's Craig Ferguson

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968 days ago


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acidcandy 881 days ago

scottish sumo!

webstriker 943 days ago

this looks Ninja-ish... are you a Scottish Ninja? I like it but might be tight on me..

webstriker 943 days ago

I had a picture of my Dad just like this but was lost when I lost my bro. Dad's more traditional tho

szeljudit 954 days ago

Oh, Cute!

78ruger 956 days ago

Hey! I see there's enough of you to share! haha

Fustercluck666 963 days ago

A Scottish Ninja? Love it!

stepnce 963 days ago

Who ate all the Pies ?

Lillyputtz 965 days ago

Whoa! not what I expected, lol!

lastangelman 965 days ago

OMG, #RoyWood has finally shaved his beard off!

sjamesrox 966 days ago

clearly the holiday food has gone to the hips. and also are you free ballin? i mean its the tradition right? lol

story1216 967 days ago


SpaceMan626 967 days ago

No Mommy!, I don't want anything from Santa! PLEASE Don't Make Me Sit On His Lap!!
:)Merry Christmas

juliehutchason 968 days ago

OMG!!! your so funny

lastangelman 968 days ago

I had no idea Fat Bastard had a younger, madder, handsomer brother

laurak125 968 days ago

Well seen yer no here in Glesga in that get up - ye'd get ragdolled roon the room! ;)

RobertLopez_ 968 days ago

#FATBASTARD!!!!!!!!!!................... :D

RobertLopez_ 968 days ago

#rich! xDDD!..

SpiritbearNY 968 days ago

Are you standing in for the Christmas tree this year? A Scotch pine? Merry Christmas!

wyleecoyotejim 968 days ago

There are five tassles out front. Is that code? Are those bloomers underneath? Merry Christmas.

KomalS30 968 days ago