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Big voice-tiny girl-big mouth... sometimes BIIIIG PROBLEM

Here's his mugshot! Ya filthy animal!

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2653 days ago

Here's his mugshot! Ya filthy animal!


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elliasw 2220 days ago

Brasil? kkkk Poisé, lembra o Brasil esse cavalo. #alok

LadyG007 2651 days ago


Lisa_Wyatt89 2652 days ago

Aww he's cute! Hope ur ok!:D xoxoxo

LILEMZZA87 2653 days ago

Kinda looks like butter wouldnt melt.My horse was like that til she galloped across a busy road with me on top. Hope you didnt get too hurt :)

number1PCDfan 2653 days ago

oh poor baby doll!!!!!
lol at Aussiecatdoll

Marito_Dorito 2653 days ago

Bucky apologies .. And you sing 'it's too late to apologize, it's too laaaaaate'...

AussieCatDoll 2653 days ago

Boys beat up girls because they have a crush on them... He's in Love with you Melody.. C'mon we all know Mel has a thing for BAD BOYS!!! XP

thatscherzinger 2653 days ago


princessaja 2653 days ago

this looks like the same horse i rode for my bday was this in phx

princessaja 2653 days ago

OMG your crazy melody how come your not following your cuz

teusfagundes 2653 days ago

the sky is beautiful. but u are MUUUCH more.

pussyKATsclub07 2653 days ago

lol... the horse is so cute...

MaryKMyal 2653 days ago

You're cracking me up with you're captions of the horse. Haha. :) So sad he bucked u off. The area looks almost like the outskirts of where I live. Enjoy being home with ur fam! :)

klepetar 2653 days ago

hey..aren't you from Phoenix? gotta learn to ride a 'orse.. My sis had one.. fast and her..

CrazyBelgianOne 2653 days ago

Aaaah poor thing :D The horse not you ;)

madi22 2653 days ago

hahahahahaha! OMG hes sooo badass!!...quick quick get the police LOL.....nawwww poor you, i hope ur ok hun, love u xx

belunyc 2653 days ago

"His mugshot" U R so funny Mel!!!!
Hope u r ok hun!!!!

lesliepatekar 2653 days ago

aww hope u are ok come do doll domination in toronro canada

KerryKerryyy 2653 days ago

Haha! I dont know why but 'ya filthy animal' really made me laugh!!