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2686 days ago


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tblmcp 2468 days ago

New Yoooooork..

joaopersan 2654 days ago

Hi Jamie...Im from Brazil!! listen you is very good

sneakersem 2677 days ago

So i guess you like tweeter? Hehe , i love love your music .From Argentina , Emilyy

io_b 2684 days ago

Never, ever felt energy like that at any other concert... Carnegie should have let the magic continue!

hillbilly66 2685 days ago

i could not believe they would not let you back on We knew that you wanted to but awesome show any way

sdgates 2686 days ago

The 5+ minute standing ovation after you went off stage was unlike anything I had ever seen at Carnegie Hall..

Mari_no_neko 2686 days ago

Loved the concert! Thanks Jamie--looking forward to seeing you VERY soon!

corinneogrady 2686 days ago

really looking forward to the show! can't wait!

kimjazz 2686 days ago

Can't get as far as NYC but looking forward to Ghent.

andysampe 2686 days ago

oh shoooot Why am I not in NY today? life's not fair

djdlicious 2686 days ago

we r sitting in our hotel 2 blocks away! Been out in the rain all day! C u 2nd row centre later!

bobbyatx 2686 days ago

Awww, so cute with your hat. "singin' in the Rain" is so appropriate for you right now in that NYC rainshower. I hope you have a great show. Please come back to Austin, Texas with your nexdt tour! I can't wait for the new cd!