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Roadside billboard sighting #2

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2262 days ago

Roadside billboard sighting #2


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xShawnBoyx 2046 days ago

It looks like an add for Burger King, all new at Burger King Al's Brain, with our without side salad

aravox 2243 days ago

I saw this sign in person.. *nods* dunno why Al is giving his brain a smack down. Perhaps it's because HIS BRAIN IS OUT OF HIS HEAD!!! ahhhhh!

Marebear2406 2244 days ago

you should show a screening of your movie, UHF. That movie was classic. =]

lordfogg 2246 days ago

roadside kill otr what

HRH_Buttahcup 2252 days ago

There's one on the 5fwy N in between Artesia & Valley View, too...

mosoto_com 2253 days ago

hey man cool pic! come chat on Mosoto!

kalebaskew 2254 days ago

I wanna go!!

Pur1tyOfEssence 2255 days ago

Reminds me of the Yakov Smirnoff billboards that are all over Branson, just remember you may be great but you're not Yakov Smirnoff great, alright?

danar75 2255 days ago

I'd rather see the exhibit than the billboard, meself. *^_^*

Sandralis 2258 days ago

Us auzzies missing out again!
Atleast I caught your show last time you toured here.

Claire_Voyant 2258 days ago

Is this the one on Beverly?

Krisofdeath 2258 days ago

I saw that same sign in person while driving back to Marin from San Diego Ca. I was like..."holy crap! I've seen this billboard online!" I may drive out there on my own to see it.

closet_atheist 2260 days ago

Almost worth a trip to Cali for.

Hopey_G 2260 days ago

That is fantastic! It starts on my birthday.

alygirly99 2261 days ago

where is that?

StarSlobber 2261 days ago

I wonder how many people drove-off into a ditch after seeing that billboard.

my_smiles_stuck 2261 days ago

They say "human brain" like your brain is the same as ours...

bxxchcraft 2261 days ago

- i was just thinking the same thing. lmao. XP

dbldiva 2262 days ago

That is too funny! You are looking kind of weirdly at that brain...are you hungry or something?

Ckyline391 2262 days ago