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2723 days ago


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gjcharlet 2723 days ago

I prefer the "Anti-Hope" stickers. Cause, you know...Fuck Hope.

daybreaker 2723 days ago

What kind of shitty imaging software are they using that only allows you to use a font on one line, and then not on any subsequent lines ever again?

AZVern 2723 days ago

Does this shirt come with a warning about random violence?

damiyahayden 2723 days ago

That's hilarious. I would totally wear that shirt if the design was better. And if the shirt had a detachable pregnant belly &/or holster. MAKE IT HAPPEN, INTERNET!!1

mr_mulligan 2723 days ago

Now that's a classy shirt...simply for the fact that Palin is written in Brush Script

smartbunny 2723 days ago

Don't blame me for things getting better! I voted for the dumb broad and the other guy!