Mike Skinner


warning: tends to waffle about studio gear

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2429 days ago


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jaymiee_lee 2422 days ago

"this cost £25"
"why did you get it?"
"it looked nice"
ha :)

titheed 2425 days ago


DerHenker 2426 days ago

it looks like OBI in Germany

BasedMoonie 2427 days ago

This looks like a serial killer shopping trip.

emilyfannon 2428 days ago

You should have just asked for all my old school books I no longer need, they'd have done the job - easssyyyyyy.

bigenry 2428 days ago

ahahaha nice picture man

sylviav 2428 days ago

obviously it's even better to make crop circles on a summer solstice, which is when they take on the magical qualities

joshlang 2428 days ago

This in no way looks like a terrorist plot. Well, a little.

TLrainbow 2428 days ago

Should of gone to homebase.

rosepetal3 2428 days ago

Looking forward to seeing the crop circle :)

tj1974 2428 days ago

hair looks good Mr Skinner

dennisvuh 2428 days ago

nice haircut mr skinner!

techsta 2429 days ago

What's with the hair mike ;) However the tools up the hot factor, you know, very benny benassi satisfaction style.

kaela_h 2429 days ago

Hair's lookin nice skinner!

sytchcroft13 2429 days ago

Great minds think alike.. I went to B&Q today for a new cordless drill. Shit really.

CriticalPopEye 2429 days ago

don't do it skinners!! dont do it!!

krissy_myers 2429 days ago

Nice! Colour with a U. Bless you, England... and what kind of sick twisted fantasy are you trying to materialize?

ZigZagWanderer 2429 days ago

Nuy a Paint Pod man. They really do work!

twittwootwiggy 2429 days ago

dude, thats a big plank! would of been tempted to give you a hand if i wern't up north (honest).

Addolorata1 2429 days ago

Aww that is such a gorgeous picture. I can't wait to see your crop circle. And your fade still looks great!