Tom Felton


if i was to send out a christmas card. this would be the photo on the front.

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1654 days ago

if i was to send out a christmas card. this would be the photo on the front.


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Potteristic 1549 days ago


Carol_mjesus 1643 days ago

I love it! Tom, Rup. s2

GatosLover 1648 days ago

Stavros Flatley!! Lmao love em <3
Nice to see that your keeping up with the bromance with Rup c:

ImDaSwanQueen 1651 days ago

You are the fucking sexiest guy on earth <3 !

AmandaPothoes 1652 days ago

I'd love this Christmas and Rupert are ammazinng :D <3

MSLovesHP 1653 days ago

THE BOSS! i love rupert and tom

BMsHooligan 1653 days ago

i would love that card

iForeverCyrus 1653 days ago

I want this card Tom!! You look like a boss and Rupert is so adorable!! You two are amazing!! Love you <3

carolguterrez 1653 days ago

TOM LIKE A BOSS 2 AHAHHAHAHAHAHAH Rupert is sooo cute! *-*

soledadoro_ 1653 days ago

LOL would be a cool card ! ;)

isnani 1653 days ago

Lol! Matching colours... except for that half-naked guy in the middle.

marian_rdz 1653 days ago

if this is my christmas's amazing!! :D you are so handsome,and Rupert is so sexy!

KatieLMFAOCoyne 1653 days ago

hehe dont you all look lovely :P

EmsWatsonn 1653 days ago

You look sexy and rupert looks cute ;D

marii182 1653 days ago


NevertyBaby 1653 days ago

This is for you: ! Damn it!

NevertyBaby 1653 days ago

That must be rare people who know that you ever become a Muslim.

RastaBerrys 1654 days ago

four guys-bold fellows :3

BelaM_ 1654 days ago

You are so Pretty, so is Rupert. And you were so cool with everyone here in Brazil. I wanted to thank you for coming.

analeticiafer 1654 days ago