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Freudian Frozen Food

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1859 days ago

Freudian Frozen Food


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stephrobin22 1466 days ago

It would would be even creepier if they were next to Dad's oatmeal cookies! =p

JanetAnderson8 1829 days ago

yes, but i like the ones with sugar......TASTE MUCH BETTER...........xo xo

snakelady 1846 days ago

Well chemically speaking (from a chemist) ... chocolate DOES affect the brain similarly as love & sex

justinhomepage 1859 days ago

i bing...

rose6156 1859 days ago

No sugar added fudgsicles: The reccommended sex toy for horney diabetics? Brrr

CapodannoToscan 1859 days ago

very fantastic food
by Tuscany capodanno

rose6156 1859 days ago

From an STD perspective; that Magnum needs to see a doctor. #Chlamydia

KumontisC 1859 days ago

Hmmmm which one should I choose? I want the Magnum!

Sithinious 1859 days ago

Way to make us white guys feel inadequate. Thanks a lot. :P

Ludovicaa 1859 days ago

Freudian is too easy... Impress me.. find examples of Jungian food..

nomonono 1859 days ago

Bow before the altar of your new lovers, all single women over 30.

Nickelberrynsc 1859 days ago

That's a nice subtle way of advertising a substitute for sex.

Ludovicaa 1859 days ago

They even come in a box... this stuff just writes itself..

Beccanthropy 1859 days ago

I like the way the "Magnum" appears to be exploding and ready to shoot out white creamy stuff.

keestelpro 1859 days ago

You were just in time before some Eskimos took them home! X-D

Ludovicaa 1859 days ago

How to make a girl blush.. :D ;) (not really) haha