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Hangin with robbo in australia. Better recognise!!!

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2596 days ago

Hangin with robbo in australia. Better recognise!!!


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jaz_thenewblack 2582 days ago

so friend no.1 made out with manboy in the background in the spare bedroom, and friend no.2 made out with bogan doing the bog. my friends have great taste!

catdezign 2585 days ago

Boyz will be boyz whatever country you're in!!!

Anikooo 2586 days ago

Hahahahahahaha! :-DDD Nice ass, just white! :-DDD

xCobyDickLickax 2587 days ago

haha..omg XD

akbthatsme 2591 days ago

hahahaha thats the cleanest bathroom i have ever seen! i hope he really wasnt taking a shit lol

shortsout 2592 days ago

let us know what he thinks of this photo op in 20 years... ;)

ozchickie 2592 days ago

Holy Shit!!LOL

buttons2you 2592 days ago

umm... I have no comment that will fit this pic... lol

MissKemi 2595 days ago

LOOOOL whats that carey????

Selene_Koi 2595 days ago


melindakw1969 2595 days ago

With such big ass props in the photo the bottle of beer seems so tiny in comparison.

tanyaPINKfan 2595 days ago

It's not the beer in the mens i'm concerned about. It's the camera!?

queenslandchic 2595 days ago

NEVER would have thought u'd sit to pee

AndreaTattoos 2596 days ago

Everybody has his own way to chill n' relax, but this pic is really funny! Yes it is! :)

LilMissPsykotik 2596 days ago

WIN! you guys are awesome lol

2karend 2596 days ago

OMFG... 3 men + A urinal + Beer= Good times...

pinkwonabe 2596 days ago

drinking beer in the toilet...yuk, you guys are crazy!!!!

cheekalicious 2596 days ago

haha fucking love it crazzeeeeness :) xx

AndiHarding 2596 days ago

hahahahahaha, this how you roll in aus cuz haha

lol2008 2596 days ago

always wondered y it took u guys sooo long n the bathroom! lmao