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Actor/author. A mix between nerd and elderly.

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1712 days ago

Warbler self defense 101 with and , filmed by . Don't be intimidated.


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PameKlainer 1339 days ago

Colfer Attackā™„

KlainesBowties 1663 days ago

Ninja Colfer >:D

klaine_love 1664 days ago

I wanted Kurt to punch Sebastian why did it not happen, but i still love this video:)

GatomonGirlie 1665 days ago

that was beautiful chris!! Love you man!

blissfullycat 1694 days ago

Awesome...on a separate note, why is there a Chord chair just hanging out in a parking garage?

carsonscolfer 1697 days ago

OMG, Chris! You're one hot badass wow XD

EltonColferLuvr 1699 days ago

Awwwwwwwwjukfbvgfjsbnvkigudbfhkwdbhjfhwj! LOL I can't kick that high. XD Fail.... But nice one! <3

SayuriRoseK 1700 days ago

Nice....could I be your teacher? I have 7 years of Tae Kwon Do under my belt...

cjnox 1701 days ago

OMG!!! u rock, chris! =)

luchipagella 1712 days ago

That is Dalton Fight Club...

OutsiderQueen 1712 days ago

go chris go! :))

I_Charly_19 1712 days ago

Oh that place is for the video of BAD by MJ :O Look his costume!!!

ladyheehee97 1712 days ago

omg. chris.

BiankaOribe 1712 days ago

really cool haha sebastian should be intimidated. <3

BasPettersen 1712 days ago


colfstodio 1712 days ago

para de ser perfeito em tudo. seu lindo

sarhacardoso 1712 days ago


colfstodio 1712 days ago

omg chris

MusicLover358 1712 days ago

hahaha i love it!

cpaulcolfer 1712 days ago

Oh christopher