OMG how amazing is this sign!!! What a warm welcome in Dallas!!!! Thank you!!!

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1197 days ago

OMG how amazing is this sign!!! What a warm welcome in Dallas!!!! Thank you!!!


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4everfavela 1192 days ago

haha love you Khloé ♥

bigalmack 1197 days ago

thanks for stopping in Khloe. Great meeting you. see you again soon back here at the MAT. Big Al

tweetcoachhop 1197 days ago

A little southern hospitality. Smoooches, much love and welcome!

justinhomepage 1197 days ago

i bing...

MamaNasir125 1197 days ago

Welcome to Dallas Miss Khloe! we are so glad that you are here. I hope that you enjoy your stay!

Pier04224849 1197 days ago

Love is everywhere! AWESOME SIGN! LOVE IT! <3 XO =)

LamontPR 1197 days ago

yipee so excited you are here! Met your sister Kim earlier this year! DM

damnangelina 1197 days ago

awwwwwwwwwwwww :)

CrAbBy_AbBy1 1197 days ago

awww! thats so sweet!

AccentGardening 1197 days ago

ok my garden peeps ck out da flowers...yes khloe n lamar welcome 2 dfw!!!

itsmaands 1197 days ago

kardashian drink free... especially rob! totally agree..HAHAHA love it

Cathie214 1197 days ago

Wer happy to have yall here and hope u get to love Dallas as much as we do!!

anetriala 1197 days ago

Once u live in Texas ur going to want to make it permanent.

MsNiCntx 1197 days ago

Glad to have you guys here in the metroplex. Hope I run into u one day. Chances r n my favor!!

johnyMatt 1197 days ago

thats so lovely

KardashianKiss_ 1197 days ago

WOW !! Bible you deserve that KoKo, your loved wherever you go! I Loveee You ! xx

MS_A_ROGERS 1197 days ago

That had to feel good!!!!

EricaNair 1197 days ago


PATYGERARDT 1197 days ago