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Finishing the piece

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2590 days ago

Finishing the piece


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alika72 2419 days ago

Did ur son draw that other one too??!! If so, tell him he did an amazing job!! I am now inspired to learn to draw something other than stick figures..LOL!! seriously!

Shelltwitt86 2568 days ago

Awwww...what a great bonding moment between father and son! What's that tattoo above your wrist of?

strawberryboba_ 2569 days ago

OMG!!! Kakashi tattoo XD EPIC WIN

PLUTO479 2584 days ago

That's an aspiring tattoo artist... can I book my appt now

KrystalOh 2589 days ago

he can do my next tat that I've been meaning to get in Korea! Can he write 아버지는 사랑합니다? ㅋㅋㅋ

DJKelly515 2589 days ago

How Chris your son is very talented. Please let him know he dose an awesome job. his drawings are awesome

Marialuvsmusic 2589 days ago

Wow, 4580 people looked at his artwork so far! Tell him he as quite an audience:)

Marialuvsmusic 2589 days ago

So I take it he is interested in art like his dad?

Babysmile2807 2589 days ago

It looks great.

meepys 2589 days ago

nice, very cool ninja

kIMberlee__ 2589 days ago

Let me guess... a very sweet and very original Father's Day gift??? Just don't let the doggies get a hold of that sharpie!!!

keyannasmommy 2589 days ago

You are such a great dad! He did a great job :) very cute

clrfldcdaughtry 2589 days ago

This is one of those Kodak moments of a lifetime...
Chris, you are the epitome of 21st century good father and your true reward is waiting for you when it's all said and done!! Happy Father's Day!! You are our rock hero!!

JojoRigby 2589 days ago

You know that you can't wash that off now right??

jodiracanati 2589 days ago

wow a star just like JP awww now U match
He did a good job

JoviDaughtryrox 2590 days ago

awesome job

DebBee80 2590 days ago

awe, great work! Another artist in the fam ;)

heatherpug 2590 days ago

He is good... You better warn mr josh brown he has some competition! Or Josh may need some spaces filled in.... HINT for an opening act next tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Smee81 2590 days ago

Cool! Way to go Griffin! You have skill and talent... Becky ()

mussratsmomX2 2590 days ago

Well you'll be wearing it loud and proud tomorrow! Happy Father's day!!! :)