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Andrew Bynum & KAJ talking about his play

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2770 days ago

Andrew Bynum & KAJ talking about his play


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elTonMak 2766 days ago

Kareem is still the man. Learn from the legend Drew. You'll be BIG!!!

seedtime57 2767 days ago

KAJ continue to plant the seed of wisdom that God has given you to bless this youngman who have so much promise to be a great person and player. MuchLuv

tumaye 2768 days ago


skilian5 2769 days ago

What a great picture ! Here's to margaritas, Grand Marnier and cigars for the next championship 2010 !!!!

Katy_Rodriguez 2769 days ago

great season guys! kaj u r an awesome teacher. lakers family rules!!

JodiWhitehead 2769 days ago

Andrew is learning from the you kaj

laker101 2769 days ago

Is it just me or does andrew have better post moves than the supposed "best" upcoming big man in the nba...yes that would be dwight.

GoldDestro 2769 days ago

Thank you Both for the great year. Drew keep up the good work and continue to stay the course. You made one gigantic leap this year. You have learned to play through pain and injury. A lot of steps for one year hang in there and keep up the good work

lakers_sth 2769 days ago

All I want is for Drew to LOVE blocking shots. To work on that as much as his low post game.

agtcdvd 2769 days ago

hey kareem andrew stills needs to learn a lot from you in terms of defense

MorpheusRL 2769 days ago

Superman has Patrick Ewing, Dew has the Captain....I saw Superman missed out AGAIN!

socalit 2769 days ago

Guess you TRULY took him to school! Listen to every word he says Drew! You'll never have a better teacher.

msfox1970 2769 days ago

You know that whatever advice he gives you should take it and make it work for you ......... KAJ is one of the greatest I grew up whatching him

Pantovigar 2770 days ago

Drew will be a monster next season when totally HEALTHY.. Watch out !

MusedGoods 2770 days ago

Passing on that knowledge and wisdom...more young cats need that

Pantovigar 2770 days ago

Drew will be a monster next season when totally HEALTHY.. Watch out !

DrewUnga 2770 days ago

Is that young fella's bedroom?

Pantovigar 2770 days ago

Man I like our yellow color !
Greetings from Luxembourg

hoop_head 2770 days ago

Cool pic. Bynum should count himself lucky to have KAJ as a friend. I would.

ArtfulMindBiz 2770 days ago

Master and his student...
THE ALL TIME SCORING LEADER, KAJ #33 – 38,387 Pts. Can Never Be Caught!