Tony Hawk


professional skateboarder, dad, videogame character, ceo, kid chauffeur, global hopscotcher, food glutton & public skatepark defender. I'm old; get over it.

for true WH experts: here is the real deal (not EEOB). Tried to get a better pic on my way out, but got shut down

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1985 days ago

for true WH experts: here is the real deal (not EEOB). Tried to get a better pic on my way out, but got shut down


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nayaraconde 1420 days ago

The best!

angeldlyte 1854 days ago

Your so COOL!!!!!!!!!

I_vanO 1963 days ago

Buena Pose jojo, el traje le va bien a las zapatillas ^^

haomi 1965 days ago

awesome ^^

mosoto_com 1974 days ago

cool pic man! come chat on Mosoto!

_ricards_ 1978 days ago

mwahahahah o gajo a andar de sk8 na Casa Branca

Tamara2000 1980 days ago

Awesome :)

Ciints 1980 days ago

sensational picture as you = D

igorbras5 1981 days ago

Its a mazy! Congratulations Tony Hawk!

faithsonshyne 1983 days ago

Show em how its done!!!

Aidaa7 1984 days ago

Man you're cool.. why did u meet the prez by the way??

KevinHarp 1984 days ago

totally rockin the WH! Now I remember why I like TH!

ShanahRenee 1984 days ago

I'm not a big Obama fan, but I am glad he was cool with this. It's very inspirational for a lot of kids.

RBroccoliCoble 1984 days ago

***however, it is awesome that Tony Hawk got to skate the white house..that was a big deal in a good way.

RBroccoliCoble 1984 days ago

shut up.
This didn't do anything to damage our government. He just simply rolled around and tricked a little in the white house.
Pretty much the same as kids walking around and jumping in the white house
no big deal dude, it's just a buildi

droknowsdro 1984 days ago

.. enough of that.. if tony hawk skated in my house.. id be the gnarliest dude on the street.

KeithCiampa 1984 days ago

Only in an Obama White House!

cenachick97 1984 days ago

that looks soooooooooo fun!! i might be getting my 1st bord this year. nice shoes :-)

karamichelem 1984 days ago

karamichelem there are children living in the WH, anyone with kids know that kids play inside :) Buildings are designed to be occupied people!

lasvegaslaverne 1984 days ago

The power of sharing INSPIRATION on twitter: Hawk skates inside the White House