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How can I get Seth Green to stop riding my Segway around the house??

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1764 days ago

How can I get Seth Green to stop riding my Segway around the house??


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ThatSpuds 1528 days ago

Stop inviting Seth Green over to your house. He just drinks all the milk and dulls all of your razor blades anyway.

BobKerns 1555 days ago

Insist he get his own so you can go out gliding somewhere. (How does someone look so unhappy on a Segway? Probably needs to get outside on it!)

dribblingjodan 1676 days ago

omg he is totally gonna fall down those stairs

theseddiefairy 1699 days ago

is that the segway you used in the white and nerdy music video?! omg!!

arulnick 1699 days ago

Hey I know that guy...

wltzng2slnc 1702 days ago

Yep, I'm going with 'Hide the Charger' on this one. It'll run out of power eventually and he'll scamper off home!

kurtis_marsh 1719 days ago

He doesn't look tall enough to even ride that safely

thetallkid 1722 days ago

you should so get Verne Troyer to chase him around on another

CraigInCT 1727 days ago

Mini-Me is looking good, no?

MKTROY70 1727 days ago

Send him to my house... ;-D

darth_nigma 1729 days ago

Am I missing something? This looks photo shopped with a too big head and short legs. Or does he look like that?

Eriesisgod 1730 days ago

Cut off his legs!

Krinnen 1734 days ago

Seth Green + Weird Al = DUET PLEASE???!?!?!??!!?!? Robot Chicken video!

GoodnightGoldie 1736 days ago

AH! This is so hilarious!

CryingHero 1737 days ago

I've always wanted a Segway.. Although without the angry looking Seth Green :D

flaminyawn 1744 days ago

Clark pest control wont touch that.

ashes424 1744 days ago

that is AWESOME! I

fred272 1746 days ago

oh hes really mad now, and being clean tires, maybe its how Al gets around the house

LanceSeidman 1746 days ago

I noticed you sometimes have to take little chess pieces and/or crushed gram crackers, it usually spins the person off when they try not to hit it.

RockHardCells 1746 days ago

You can make him have a traumatizing experience by making a fake Segway that he'll throw out his hip while riding. Needless to say, I don't think he'll be riding your Segway anytime soon..or be wanting to. ;)