From the Capoeira capirina. Copacabana, Gisele Bundchen, the samba and flip flops. But Brazil is not only that the volume of Brazilian Style brings an exciting journey through design, fashion and hidden places around the Rio Earth. 

"A girl with the golden tan, a mixture of a flower and a siren, full of splendor and grace, but also sad eyes, he carries with him on the road towards the sea, the feeling of youth passes, the beauty that is not ours alone - the gift of life through his wonderful and melancholic constant ebb and flow. " So in '65 Vinicius de Moraes and Antonio Carlos Jobim described their Garota de Ipanema, destined to become the most famous bossa nova and more runs in the world. As she became an icon of Ipanema, Copacabana beach collective ideology was transformed into a paradise on earth did the models of Victoria's Secret and samba. Coming out of the ordinary, there is a country where reigning fashion and design, good food and art, and new traditions. Brazil is a seductive and what he describes free photo gallery with a large volume published by Assouline Brazilian Style (208 pages, 65 USD), a declaration of love to the town of Rio. Authored by journalist Armand Limnander W magazine, the book takes us on a guided tour divided among his favorite places, alternating stereotypes and symbols of the country's most popular characters and hidden corners to discover. If you think Brazil is said further that the actress Sonia Braga Gisele Bundchen. Brazilian Style presents them both, every soul on earth to show South America.

Thus in addition to Bündchen, sitting, hair tousled in the wind, the white sand, there's Sonia Braga. But the charming Carmen Miranda, another national pride. There is Pele, of course, and Oscar Niemeyer, the emblem of a sophisticated and cultured Brazil, responsible for the revival of entire neighborhoods, especially at the dawn of major milestones such as the Olympics and World Cup The fashion designer Francisco Costa. The surfer Maya Gabeira. The chef of D.O.M. Alex Atala of San Paulo. There are also two of St. Paul writer Os Gemeos, who make murals of entire building facades. The carnival should be mentioned, with the Sambadrome, where the Brazilians prepare the choreography for the first month. The majestic Copacabana Palace. The artistic current Tropicália, demonstrating the prolific cultural life of the country. The artist Vik Muniz, with its visionary works, and the plastic surgeon Ivo Pitanguy, one of the national luminaries. And then there are the favelas, guns, cocaine and gangs, of which the book gives a dramatic insight citing the film City of God (2002) by Fernando Meirelles.

It's worth a day on the busy beach of Ipanema. But do not forget - he explains - to visit the island as a paradise of Fernando de Noronha, an archipelago made up of twenty-one islands, islets and rocks of volcanic origin that back in time. And speaking of virgin nature, another experiment to try is going into the Amazon Rainforest (or what's left of it) to breathe again, among breathtaking scenery.

With a gallery of amazing images, Brazilian Style captures the brilliant shades of carioca culture, to be discovered. Preferably with a caipirinha in hand. Here are some pictures from the book.