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We have the best fans. #2ndSucks

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1136 days ago

We have the best fans. #2ndSucks


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LindseyA7X 1120 days ago

BTR Fans.. UMADBRO? & btw #2ndsucks is a song title by them. & ADTR>BTR (Nickelodeon ass band.)

TeamCargan 1126 days ago


matheusconzi 1127 days ago

who tf are btr

gwenedgebreaker 1132 days ago

LOL at BTR fans 2nd sucks is an ADTR song title. and ADTR has worked hard to get to where they are.

continentgirl 1134 days ago

you btr fans are dumb! adtr is AMAZING and btw #2ndsucks is a song! get a life & stop watching tv

he44rtmeans 1134 days ago

They don't even know you exist, they don't know your names and they don't care about this. GET A LIFE.

he44rtmeans 1134 days ago

Can you all please stop with this stupid fight and get back to your silly lifes? PS: ADTR rox. <3

Ali_LeeAnnn 1134 days ago

put my balls in your whore mouths and suck em hard. bitches.

Ali_LeeAnnn 1134 days ago

Lol, who is ADTR? allz I know is Big Time Rush is better than y'all. suck a dick. bitches.

BaarbyFiredUp 1135 days ago

Go with ur moms and cry! YOU WIN!!! wiiiii! haha! anybody knows you!!!! hahaha!

BaarbyFiredUp 1135 days ago

24 comments of your fans? OHH sure they are the best fans in the world! you and your pussy fans are CRAP ;)

BaarbyFiredUp 1135 days ago

well..the fans of BIG TIME RUSH! want to give a AWARD! to you... don't cry little Bitches is all right! is something for you ;)

TheYoungBreezy 1136 days ago

not hard to beat a TV show in a contest for better band...

ItsJustEdnaa 1136 days ago

no, no, no YOU guys suck.
sincerely, all BIG TIME RUSH FANS.

animefan999 1136 days ago

Douche bags much? No need to be a fucking sore winner. Honestly, BTR has the best fans I know Stfu

slytherrrinxx 1136 days ago

Well that's really fucking rude. Don't be so cocky when you only won by 2% asswipes.

BTRBEYRulyn 1136 days ago

You suck!!Not BTR!!All of my respect is gone.thanks to you!

Lalywrites 1136 days ago


SariitahMonsee9 1136 days ago

Big Time Rush Rules the world and are the BEST!!

jobrolovergirl 1136 days ago

just cause u won dose not mean u can insult . BTR is the best . they dont need a poll to tell them that. BTR fans are the best the world. they ar the best band . unlike u losers