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Blake and I on tour of TC arms factory

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2304 days ago

Blake and I on tour of TC arms factory


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maysftball13 2269 days ago

Makes Blake look better, b/c it hides that hair.

BnSlovesBS 2274 days ago

I love the hats. TOO cool!!!

ABrungard07 2279 days ago

wow!!! That just might be the sexiest hats I have ever seen, It really helps the 2 of yall out :p J/K Yall make those hats look good

annie1986 2284 days ago

Is Blake really taller than you, or is he wearing Miranda's high heels? JK!!! :) sexinessx2 right there.

Bahamabrat 2284 days ago

Dorks ville is were you guys should go dressed like that LOL. Still love you both

adnama2734 2285 days ago

Y'all are goofuses. Y'all are awesome!!! Luv yas.

auntiemoose 2297 days ago

OMG - cute - yes. Dorks - Major YES!!

haileybird19 2302 days ago

you guys are very cute dorks lol

Deb_in_Michigan 2303 days ago

Is this the new poster against "Red Neck Inbreeding?" LOL JK :P

NiceShannon 2303 days ago

If you two ain't a sight for sore eyes, in your coonskin caps and glasses..

hospitalhag 2303 days ago

Lookin' good!

eeboop 2303 days ago

well I wouldn't go straight to sexy.

babette297 2303 days ago

Nice to see you guys take safety seriously!! Looks good on you!

CMBGFAN 2304 days ago

Very nice. Dorks! I mean that in the sweetest of ways.

okiemom1 2304 days ago

Too bad Blake got the geeky saftey glasses...I guess you have to be fast to get to the good stuff first!!! Feeling a little slow Blake??

call_me_red 2304 days ago

I'm skeered

Valerie7667 2304 days ago

That's a good look for ya'll. Sexyyy! Lol

Jens7Kids 2304 days ago

eeuuww! How long did it take for your heads to itch?? Those things are hot!!

EricaAnnG 2304 days ago

Haha! This is hilarious!

ShandaFreeman 2304 days ago

Ya'll rock those hats I think ur next red carpet event ya'll should wear them