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내가 살인범이다 이두석입니다 이번작품느낌좋아요 기대해 주세요^^

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1326 days ago

내가 살인범이다 이두석입니다 이번작품느낌좋아요 기대해 주세요^^


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shmskr 1324 days ago

지루한 일상의 엔돌핀 홍익미소 박시후님

woelandyz 1325 days ago

Your eyes me XD

ahnhee 1325 days ago


Kami_Ryu 1325 days ago

Real :bd

mahe4471 1325 days ago

That look is very deep. I love it.

shmskr 1326 days ago

오빠 담엔 돌려주세요... 멋진 머리가 잘...안보여요... 눈도 .....

Rangi_rang 1326 days ago

이 눈빛은 예사롭지가 않군요...목아파요...돌려져 있어서..

jiro_ouji 1326 days ago

Too beautiful,...But the cool and liquid eyes say it all .I want you to stare at me with your eyes.

SilvPasa 1326 days ago

Love the color of your suit, it matches well with the tie and your hair color! Lovely! :)

KoreanDrama808 1326 days ago

This pic maybe look scary^^

Yuhee0810 1326 days ago

Impressive!! Eh Oppa...have you thought about different hairstyle? Long hair fits you well :D

JoyGODIVA 1326 days ago

you looks younger!!! :D