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Sneaky Peaky at some of Beleen's Birthday Items coming this Wed, Dec 14th! =D

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1688 days ago

Sneaky Peaky at some of Beleen's Birthday Items coming this Wed, Dec 14th! =D


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zakariya_kun 1641 days ago

i like the doomnightgown armor . . . . . save my ac :D

victoorntadoaqw 1686 days ago

what time they will come?

Lord_Nooberator 1687 days ago

sweet, so many non mem items :D

Drakath569 1687 days ago


ManuboboAE 1687 days ago

Happy Early B-day! IMA MAKE something special >:D

Vorpitar 1687 days ago

Don't be surprised if I get almost every single one of these items...PINK FTW!!! Happy Early Birthday!

undeadwarrior69 1687 days ago

im gonna so get those zealith reaver in pink cause pink is awesome
and wonder what other item rpink

Top_AE 1687 days ago

looool!! sounds great! i cant wait! XD

HacasperAe 1687 days ago

my name is carmine <3 <3 !!! :3 i love you beleen happy early b day <3

WonderpBread 1687 days ago

oh dear XD

AnchusAE 1687 days ago

im liking the looks of this. am exicted to see how they look. Happy early Birthday Beleen!

XDraks 1687 days ago

I have a bad feeling of this...*sneezes*...*see's pink snot*'s already starting...

King_WerewolfAE 1687 days ago

amg amaranth reavers <3

Dan_X_Doa 1687 days ago

I made you pinky weapon too :)

Dan_X_Doa 1687 days ago

OMG <3 <3 <3

RetrocidoNegro 1687 days ago

... :D! I was sad when there was no pink things on Black Friday. Am so happy;

ArcherusArts 1687 days ago

Yeah, I realized that after posting, and I knew about Pretty in Pink Doomknight, I thought it was being rereleased under a new name.

Coxy_XD 1688 days ago


Coxy_XD 1688 days ago

I'm sure its a different DoomKnight armor because there was an AC Doomknight armor that was pink for Black Friday, back in 2009 :) (in other words, would make no sense to release it again and make it non member)

ArcherusArts 1688 days ago

Magenta's Costume = One of the SlouthHound Inn Costumes. DoomKnightgown = DoomKnight (Obviously). Pink Strike Scythe = Plague Strike Scythe. Amaranth Reavers = Zealith Reavers/Reavers of Amenti. That's about all I could figure out, for those who didn't kn