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Hmmm... I wonder if @DageTheEvil will approve of my pink-a-licious Pink Zealith Reavers! Tehehehe! =D

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1719 days ago

Hmmm... I wonder if will approve of my pink-a-licious Pink Zealith Reavers! Tehehehe! =D


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Icecold1994_Aqw 1633 days ago

I wants your armor ^^

zakariya_kun 1673 days ago


Jastinr35 1718 days ago

How long is the shop going to be around...if it's only one day...can you have these reavers next year

RetrocidoNegro 1718 days ago

Oh. You need the original disappoint.

FusMan4ever 1718 days ago

OMFG! Most epic weapon EVAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Agyron_Studios 1719 days ago


JSketches 1719 days ago

Happy advance Birthday :D

JSketches 1719 days ago

APPROVE IT , its make the legion to be feared and c'mon bday on Wednesday.

Jinchuur1ki 1719 days ago

Mem Only ? or FREE ?

Orphantine 1719 days ago

Pink= MANLY! :D

TheManWithABox 1719 days ago

will they be free player?

RetrocidoNegro 1719 days ago


You just completed my Pink Butterfly thingy set. You are WIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!!

Amel_Azman 1719 days ago

I will buy it! :)

Onyx_DM 1719 days ago

I'm... not sure if i would want them =S (I need to think about it =o)

AEgamer5001 1719 days ago

the one and true zelaith reavers PINK version plz sooo release it and also make pink ulo

dan783 1719 days ago

Hmm any chance of a Pink Chongo with a Santa/Birthday hat that bounces off its head like the butter on the pancake version?

AugustoPinguim 1719 days ago

The perfect weapons against Artix: Made of pure darkness... and PINK!

FLAM1N 1719 days ago

*stares in awe* Can we get em in-game for ur bday :|

ArcherusArts 1719 days ago

Lols. I like them. ;_;

MrFredchr 1719 days ago

hat about turning his whole legion to pink for one day! >:D JK