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Holy crap! Remember this book?!

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2566 days ago

Holy crap! Remember this book?!


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Narco_Sleepy 2412 days ago

Remember it? I just recently bequeathed my entire Endless Quest / Fighting Fantasy / Choose Your Own Adventure collections to my son.

dudgeoh 2488 days ago

Never heard of it. I got introduced to RPing via the Fighting Fantasy series.

Kristen_Nicoson 2489 days ago

I have this one.

Thunderhowl 2554 days ago

So awesome. That book really brings back memories both good and bad.

celiaescalante 2559 days ago

Wil, you make D&D sound so cool. I got to try it.

Sde1027 2562 days ago

I never had the chance to ever play that... Well I guess I am making up for it playing WOW... lol

wdevoe 2564 days ago

I still have the original version of this I got in Jr High. :) Not in as good of shape though.

TOPL 2564 days ago

roll 1-2 = attic, roll 3-4 = Mums house, roll 5-6 = wife threw it out

TOPL 2564 days ago

lol - yeah I used to have that and a few others I loved them. I think I might still have it somewhere.. mmm but where

ThePamKoo 2565 days ago


crucislancer 2566 days ago

I remember that book! I had most of the D&D Endless Quest books, and a good deal of the CYOA books. I still have "Dungeon of Dread". Sweat memories.

PaladinPhoenix 2566 days ago

I still have this book. After seeing the picture, I went and found it. I'm looking at it right now.

And I remember it scaring the bejesus out of me for that skeleton-girl picture as a kid.

Wendigoth 2566 days ago

Hell yeah! Awesome book!

joshdobbin 2566 days ago

rade, this did not seem like a losing scenario to me.

joshdobbin 2566 days ago

..style dictated the protagonist was a powerless kid. In PoP, you WERE a powerless kid, but your party had a kickass fighter and a sexy elf. Also, one of the "losing" options was to be seduced by a tree-nymph and forced to live with her forever. In 4th gr

joshdobbin 2566 days ago

Will you think more or less of me if I tell you I have all of them, AND the NOVA combat book series? Pillars of Pentegarn was one of the more awesome early ones, in that there were actual monsters and fights which occurred. Too often, the "YOU are there!"

Kristen_Nicoson 2566 days ago

We have a few of those Endless Quest D&D books. My nine year old was reading one a couple of weeks ago. My husband hung on to them.

Hugo_Fuchs 2566 days ago

I gave my copy away to my niece.

jamesenloe 2566 days ago

HA! Wow, I actually DO remember that book.

Cubanasa 2566 days ago

Didn't some people disappear playing that game? They became so wrapped up in it that they lost sight of reality. A few years later they showed up on planet eBay.