Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

Decisions, decisions...

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1663 days ago

Decisions, decisions...


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algonacchick 1572 days ago

Is this the Simpsons bathrobe? Looks like the sleeves have a little wear, but not bad for 9 yrs old.

keestelpro 1656 days ago

You're doing what God did, 5 billion years ago! Cool! :-) I'm glad he didn't pick tomato soup!

januarymick 1662 days ago

Depends. Do you need to add a can of milk to the antimatter as well?

patrickthomasha 1662 days ago

always take the campbells

Searchengines_T 1662 days ago

Got to be Cambells Con-densed soup with thickener acid regulator,cause i'm anti and you dont matter.

sunshinefox 1663 days ago

doooooohhhhhh big bowl of anti-matter! every single morning! it was driving me crazy.... so i said to my mom HEY MOM whats up with all the anti-matterand she just looked at me like a cow looks at an oncoming train and said..... ITS GOOOOOOOOD FOR YOOOUUUU

PatiocaTapioca 1663 days ago

If you become Anti-Matter Eating Lad then you get a Legion flight ring!

bffyfntc 1663 days ago

Go for the antimatter!! You can have tomato soup any day! But how often do get antimatter?? LOL!

CapodannoToscan 1663 days ago

tomato is the best :)
by tuscany capodanno

Ludovicaa 1663 days ago

Warhol or Wormhole? Your choice!

scampbell622 1663 days ago

Check out my name. You KNOW what I'm going to say!

STLMurph 1663 days ago

Use the tomato can to smash whatever it is you're staring at, IMO. The antimatter could open on impact.

SHQtallahassee 1663 days ago

Were they out of the antimato?

bob_goodfriend 1663 days ago

I prefer Georgia brand anti-matter myself, I'd go with the soup.

palaba 1663 days ago

Does it even Matter?

iamsnakeeyez 1663 days ago

"I do got the taste for some soup right now. Not the no-frills kind either..." #ConfessionHour

Ludovicaa 1663 days ago

As I'm allergic to tomato, I'd go for the anti-matter everytime.. also.. fewer calories

coniks2 1663 days ago

Now, that would depend on the level of sodium in the antimatter.

septerr 1663 days ago


Seamusmahern 1663 days ago

very tuff decision................