Jeanie Buss


EVP, LA Lakers - I don't write about bball just the things that go on around Lakers world

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2569 days ago


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GO24Seven 2532 days ago

U look great Jeanie as always. Phil is lucky man, my favorite Laker girl. love u Jeanie

stevesolisphoto 2558 days ago

by far my fav Laker girl!

m_mm 2569 days ago

So really.... Is there a way to order a X cap?

josedj83 2569 days ago

you look very nice!! Parade was awesome!!

KingToasty 2569 days ago

Nice- killer smile - gotta get one of those hats...even if don't wear caps..

junior8184 2569 days ago

You look great , i hope Phil comes back next year so we can add a 1 to that X..... LAKERS FOR LIFE!!!

agtcdvd 2569 days ago

nice cap

jjscollective 2569 days ago

wow! you look amazing jeanie. phil is one lucky guy.

jordan_reinders 2569 days ago

My favorite colors!!

LeisureTimeLady 2569 days ago

What an adorable couple! Those empty fingers show loud and clear. Happiness doesn't always mean bling, tho. Stay happy and thanks for keeping him here!!

DodgersLakers 2569 days ago

Great pic Jeanie! You have such a great smile! I hope you and Phil have a great and relaxing summer.

Scribbles92 2569 days ago

You're such a hottie Jeanie!!! Please make sure we have PTL for next year (Phil, Trevor and Lamar). Kobe needs 2 more then Phil can retire :-)

MilesZona 2569 days ago

Jeanie lookin Fine and now I know the real reason Phil will be coming back next season... Congrats

lakers_sth 2569 days ago

That's IX championships for you, isn't it Jeanie?

Upgradez 2569 days ago

God Jeanie - You are beautiful! Even us young guys like you :) Keep up the good work w/ the Lakers and MAKE Phil come back!