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Philip Sallon dressed for Scrabble!

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2138 days ago

Philip Sallon dressed for Scrabble!


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clyoboy 2124 days ago

is it necessary???
great Philip

Not2Hard2See 2128 days ago

Watch him, he looks like he has his "stretch-armstrong" outfit on.

daezzie 2138 days ago

Ooooh... Did she do the gym lately? She's soooo butch with all her muscles

MarlonskiGER 2138 days ago

Philip has the Udo-Kier-Look (eyes) there

DJLadybird 2138 days ago

Linda Evans would die for those shoulder pads!

wasserberger 2138 days ago

That shirt is to die for!

Satansbutterfly 2138 days ago

Sister Sallon Looks fantastic.I think it's rather Leigh.

_DollyGirL 2138 days ago

looks like a very comfy chair! xxx

tranquileyesher 2138 days ago


colliedolly 2138 days ago

Great shot of Phillip, a little bit like the couch cushion perhaps :).He may have the last word in style but apparently didn't have the last word in scrabble!

BlackCountryJo 2138 days ago

I know the 80's shoulder pads are making a come back.. but boy... that's something else!

Shirley_Perez 2138 days ago

You better check him for hidden letter tiles........i'm just sayin'

theboygeorge 2138 days ago

About 40 minutes ago, very recent!!!

librarian12372 2138 days ago

He looks a bit stuffy.

ExpatMichael 2138 days ago

How recent is this photo?

breexcentric 2138 days ago

oh how i love phillip sallon

BridieMayDeacon 2138 days ago


BridieMayDeacon 2138 days ago

Thats what you call shoulder pads. And a half! Blimey, he looks like something from 'Punch and Jusy' (You know what that is right?)

wendyburgquinn 2138 days ago


POISENMIND2 2138 days ago