#youmightbeanautismparentif - I've put $80 in gas in my car 4x's this week to drive around & beg for new voters to help @askaters win $50,000. & I have a whole month left. I've been to 2 states, go through 8 cities everyday, visited 13 schools, 2 malls with 50+ stores in them, slept 2 hours a night all to help OTHERS who have children with autism not just my own son. If u don't support then please unfollow & do not participate in Askate events paid for out of my pocket for the past 3 years. I have pneumonia from being in the rain for 2 days promoting this pepsi project. Today it's 31 degrees outside and I'm in and out of my car so much I can't keep it on long enough for the heat to kick in. And all I'm asking is for a simple text vote everyday in December that is free to send.....  Text 110807 to 73774 to help Askate win $50k from Pepsi.