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Spoiler! Kane and will rehearse ep207 big fight!  #leverage

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2237 days ago

Spoiler! Kane and will rehearse ep207 big fight! #leverage


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emilyjo0627 2233 days ago


taystwin_14 2236 days ago

Ck says GRR!!!

M3Mark 2236 days ago

It's great that Wil's character is so cool he can fight and not spill his latte.

nikkistrick 2236 days ago

Christian Kane & Wil Wheaton together? It's possible I can die happy now.

johnytyh 2236 days ago

Uh. Christian Kane says to . "Gimme your Coffee" #Leverage

JustRob1978 2236 days ago

Kane killed Wil for his beverage.

MarySueTwiteth 2236 days ago

Now Wil has a dilemma-- he can either save the coffee or save his nose from that right cross.

silver1881 2236 days ago

Ah, but Christian has not yet unleashed the power of his hair.

killerweasel 2236 days ago

Ah. So that's why Christian needed 17 stitches. Wil must have a killer right hook.

cvpuerro 2237 days ago

You don't need to see my identification... This isn't the coffee you're looking for... Move along...

kyocum 2237 days ago

*Just has a very long fangirl moment* Christian Kane and Wil Wheaton. Ahem.

CinSensei 2237 days ago

And in the meantime, Apollo's working the crowd...

PhilipWheeler 2237 days ago

1. I see Chris ordered the fancy coffee and Wil got his order at Starbucks first.
2. "Hey, Wil I said I was getting Noa coffee!"
3. That is not a very gentlemanly way to fight. Someone should toss Chris a cup too.

amoosed 2237 days ago

coffee... lemon juice.... anything goes ;-)

CinSensei 2237 days ago

Filipino Kali versus Tweet-Fu?

CtRokJ 2237 days ago

looking like is going to be hit in face

CinSensei 2237 days ago

's weapon is coffee?

88WhiskeyGirl 2237 days ago

Sweet....but where's Noa???