Al Yankovic


You know... the Eat It guy.

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2686 days ago


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Jumsgirl 2507 days ago

Ewwwwwwwww. I hate toes. lol

alygirly99 2584 days ago

did ur da
ughter do that? tell her nice job.

ragooza 2649 days ago

im sad your feet are prettier then mine... my baby isn't old enough to paint mine yet :( lol

portapatti 2665 days ago

old lady red nail polish???

acdri 2666 days ago

How disgusting!!!Blech!!Feet have to be the most disgusting appendage!!!

hellofroggy 2667 days ago

Haha, Sometimes in the summer my dad like to try that to, he perfers some purpel tones thoug :D

sataurian 2668 days ago

much needed eewww

ksgbored 2674 days ago

hm... what are we all coming to if we're all sitting on the computer making fun of weird al's toes?

mopeylizard 2674 days ago

ok i have to say it feels odd to be looking at weird al's toes....

ComedyNurd 2674 days ago

My sister thinks that's not really your colour. I think it looks good though. lol

mosoto_com 2674 days ago

hey man cool pic! come chat on Mosoto!

shanimalart 2677 days ago

Um, Eee-eew!

Donnalb1958 2677 days ago

It ok for a yound child but you need a Petacure lol

keg0f0z 2678 days ago

ther not that bad

giantmunchkin 2679 days ago

my little sister did mine, i'd put up a photo, but it would be a waste of your last meal.

McRapperson 2680 days ago


kativatilla 2681 days ago

That's awesome. Better than I can paint toenails!!

I wish my dad would've let me do that. I'm jealous.

Pandabear277 2682 days ago

he's got monkey feet ;P LOL!!!

RenaissanceFest 2682 days ago

your feet look like a science project gone terribly, terribly, and I mean TERRIBLY bad. The nail polish isn't even part of the problem.

nc_ottomaniac 2683 days ago

You are obviously a wonderful dad!