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at brooke army med center with a robot that may one day care for soldiers in the battlefield.

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2660 days ago

at brooke army med center with a robot that may one day care for soldiers in the battlefield.


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WyclefWarriors 2603 days ago

Sanjay... how large of a role do you believe robotics will play in future surgical procedures and health care in general?

jjdull 2656 days ago

My wife constantly reminds me she remembers you from your days at U of M as a resident. She was the CRNA for some of your procedures and she calls you an outstanding surgeon. She is retired but still has great memories of the U. of M.

ocsaplaya18 2657 days ago

SANJAY! i am your biggest fan! when i grow older i want to become a trauma surgeon! any tips?

edwarobert5r 2658 days ago

Why are there to many concussions in school sports every year?

jneisse 2659 days ago

This is a Remote Presence Robot from InTouch Health- it enables specialists to consult on patients anytime, anywhere www.intouchhealth.com

DocXGAMC 2659 days ago

It always surprises me when I am working on a patient and you sneak up behind me with it.

HughHarrison 2659 days ago

Can I get make and model so I am better informed of capabilities?

gabrielrw22 2659 days ago

Congrats Sir!!! lehirim the clocks in the back are timed with different areas of conflict that our Military are deployed to at the moment along with Zulu time.

lehirim 2659 days ago

Very very interesting where we are headed these days. The clocks in the background facinate me.

NewSel 2659 days ago

BAMC is a great hospital. Great for soldiers. As a disabled veteran, I know. I was there once.

slowbabyfoxes 2659 days ago

does it have arms? could it use arms?

yn0t_t0ny 2659 days ago

Haha! It even wears our ACUs!!!

chicagotenten 2660 days ago

This interests me as my son is going into the Marines next month - thanks for all the awesome work you do!

itzmansoor 2660 days ago

Wow thats pretty TIGHT... what can it do???

MaxElram 2660 days ago

What is it called? What types of procedures do can it do?

skylong1 2660 days ago

Wowzer! Wouldn't it be wonderful if there were no place in the world for this robot to perform its tasks!