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we really put the tickets there. go find them. ts the starbucks at the corner of w trade and s tryon. ready set go! -thad

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2510 days ago

we really put the tickets there. go find them. ts the starbucks at the corner of w trade and s tryon. ready set go! -thad


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PearlIoannae 1890 days ago

mail me at: eheestalioishe (at.) i got sexy pics i am just dying to show off.

countrymusixroc 1890 days ago

I think I have even sat at that table before! FREAKY

countrymusixroc 1890 days ago

YOUR IN CHARLOTTE NC! Dang I wish I looked at this like 2 years ago! Oh well! I have been in there before

vanluven303 2485 days ago

love ya you cutie

bgstsugarlndfan 2486 days ago

OHH and kristian i love your eyes they are reeeeaalllly pretty blue i love'em(on the inside) lol i wish i had them -your biggest fan again

bgstsugarlndfan 2486 days ago

LOL kristian enjoying making fans happy and jenn doing the same and probaly drinking her coffee while doing it!! lol -your biggest fan

artsy_diva 2499 days ago

how cool, I would love to meet you two!!!

SapphiresNC 2499 days ago

Dang wish I'd known ya'll did this, I know exactly where that particular Starbucks is (one of many in the inner city). Oh well next time ya'll are in Charlotte I'll know to be on the lookut :)

Liviewhitney 2502 days ago

Come to NewYork!!!!!!!

vamp124 2502 days ago

What a great idea!! Hope you all get back to Maryland sometime...

SugarlandFan567 2503 days ago

nice hat!! i love that hat!! and nice phone!!

fordgm 2503 days ago

I love the hat!!

Drea1552 2504 days ago

the hat really brings out the blue

ckivic4dr 2505 days ago

i wish i still lived in the charlotte area.. you guys are awesome you need to come back to upstate ny ASAP!!

bjzeager 2505 days ago

How cute!!! Would love to meet you in person!!

CountryBuzz 2509 days ago

Please follow us - !! We Love ya'll!!!!

SugarlandGal 2509 days ago

impromptu meet and greet anyone? Hehe, sorry Kristian, couldn't resist.

uscerock379 2510 days ago

got there 5 minutes too late!

ediff 2510 days ago

Couldn't get out of the Oklahoma wheat field in time. Just trying to grow the bread for your next sandwich and make some "bread" while doing that!

hnsullivan 2510 days ago

For the nashville concert august 29th you should put some backstage passes somewhere! Ahhhhhh or just give them to me! :)