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I'm Dan Schneider, of Schneider's Bakery, maker of some TV shows and movies. Victorious, iCarly, Drake & Josh, Good Burger, etc.

Pic!  Look who's rehearsing RIGHT NOW:

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1531 days ago

Pic! Look who's rehearsing RIGHT NOW:


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ArianaGSupportL 1488 days ago

I love Ariana ♥

Nxg138 1520 days ago

You can see Rex's head!...

Ariana. Wow.

imSimplyAlyssa 1527 days ago

my friends say i act like Cat on Victorious but as nerdy as Robbie... But i LIKE the pciture though

SnapItzGrande 1528 days ago

awesome photo dan!

SparklesKardash 1528 days ago

lol, Love their faces!! I love Victorious and all your other tv shows, youre so creative(:

VJusticeLondon 1528 days ago

the best show on earth

ArianaOwnsMe 1529 days ago

I love 's hair in this pic ❤

ArianaGJennette 1529 days ago


Nagaiehdad 1529 days ago

Cool! :)

CPrusherinSean 1530 days ago

poker night xD

LisaVasilissa 1530 days ago

Oh! Good luck! I BET this episode will be fantastic!

JustGrande 1530 days ago

Can't wait for the episode! :D ♥

EmilyxRose92 1530 days ago

omfg you guys, Victorious is not about couples. They're all friends.

Got_Stoned 1530 days ago

:OO Why aren't Jade and Beck beside eachother? Same with Cat and Robbie! And Andre and Tori! Ahh!

theLovelySwift 1530 days ago

haha matt bannett

fuzzierox13 1530 days ago

yes the poker table is back!!!!!

Elijahx6 1531 days ago

all of them look focused and tired at the same time. lol

SofiSupportsVic 1531 days ago

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww cast! The best cast EVER! <3333

foreverDClove 1531 days ago

Avan looks awesome in a beanie <3

BilalspongobCP 1531 days ago

Can u tell or to follow me plzzzz plzzzz