Lee Teuk


Super Junior leader LeeTeuk^^

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1016 days ago


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ShinEun13 967 days ago


Noonameeka 978 days ago

RL_vietnamB2UTY 987 days ago

i love pic

khelhyunsuk 1006 days ago

너희들이 지금 달성 무슨 자격이 ... 우리는 당신을 사랑 ... 싸움

wookQueen06 1009 days ago

good oppa !! *hug* XD really proud .. do the best again, i just can support you :)

tatchan1984 1009 days ago


na_Yeollipop 1009 days ago

yeah!!! Congrats!!!

annaenvallo 1010 days ago

chukkahaeyo oppa keke~~~~ SJ jjang~~~~

luckystar_8308 1011 days ago

proud proud

young_in11ELF 1011 days ago

congratulation oppa :D
fighting Super Junior

samra23000 1012 days ago

congratulation oppa you deserve the best

hed4destruction 1012 days ago

omo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!jjang!!!!suju jjang!!!!!

Soave_ELFCloud 1012 days ago

DAEBAK!!! SUPER JUNIOR DAEBAK!!! congratulation oppa^^

miszratucantik 1013 days ago

wow!!SUPER JUNIOR daebak!!congrats oppa~E.L.F will always 10ve and 13elieve u!!saranghae oppa~

jiaying0103 1013 days ago


Fiona_Yan22 1013 days ago

It says 9 members. Im sure its 13 no?

ikhelf 1013 days ago

wooooo!! \m/ SUPER JUNIOR JJANG!!!!!!

Petalsfriends 1014 days ago

Prom15e to 13elieve....

nekaelf 1014 days ago

WooHoooooooooooooooooooo Teukieeeeeeeeeee ah :x

senseofsarange 1014 days ago

Woooooooow oppa you always the best and you are really the last men standing ^_^/" SUPER JUNIOR rocking yhe world wwwwwwwwwwo