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Shocking photo of today's #Ashura bombing in #Afghanistan. The hatred towards Shias is simply grotesque. مشهد مفجع

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1724 days ago

Shocking photo of today's #Ashura bombing in #Afghanistan. The hatred towards Shias is simply grotesque. مشهد مفجع


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mokazem 1723 days ago

NYT Album of #Saudi-backed #Wahhabi terrorist bombing against #Shia vigil http://nyti.ms/vqYNTs

mokazem 1723 days ago

"If you do not profess a faith, & don't fear judgement day, at least be free in your life". Why hate #Hussein?

dalameer 1723 days ago

Its like #Ashura happened all over again. For what sin were they killed?

jayne_caroline 1723 days ago

These young infant martyrs will never be forgoten! RIP little ones and all the martyrs that were killed.The devil doesnt always wear red!!

MizzAdiBella 1724 days ago

My fellows out there, I wish I was with you.... May Allah's Curse be on our Enemies!

Mariam_Ramzan 1724 days ago

The evildoers causing this will never escape the justice of Allah swt. Yazeediat lives in their hearts - may Allah's curse be on them forever.

AliJassim1 1724 days ago

قال الامام الصادق عليه السلام: (رحم الله شيعتنا اوذو فينا ولم نؤذا فيهم) .. حسينيون مدى المزمان

Yassin_tima 1724 days ago

This is not in islam, This is crime

sososom2005 1724 days ago

Who did this crime is sertinly not a normal humenben .. he is a monster .

Qatifi_Fenix 1724 days ago

Stop calls for unity, this is way too much for us to accept

Qatifi_Fenix 1724 days ago

Inhuman act by Wahhabi animals. As we condemn this act, we should stop all calls for unity

Sun_penguin 1724 days ago

So much hate around the lovers of our beloved Immam Hussein. Died for a beautiful cause.

salmanjaziri 1724 days ago

I believe that those caused this attack are not even close to humanity.

Abbasynia 1724 days ago

la'nat on the people who commited this, but the victims will surely go to jannah

zz_joda 1724 days ago

Astaghfurallah... How can they do this to INNOCENT people? La3natollahi 3ala atba3o yazeed!!

Abbasynia 1724 days ago

al-Qaim (atfs) is watching this and surely this is a sign for his re-appearance inshAllah

SayedModarresi 1724 days ago

They murdered these innocent children the same way they murdered 6 month infant Abdullah: http://bit.ly/tU8pZ8

Mhdwi 1724 days ago

يا ليتنا كنا معكم. فنفوز والله فوزاً عظيما